Welcome to the unofficial gDesklets Desklet Archive!

As most of the available desklets have been gone since the old gDesklets homepage has gone offline it became really hard to find the older desklets. So we set up this site with all the desklets we have collected and found on the internet. A very good source has been the gdesklets-data_0.35.4.orig.tar.gz from Debian which is a nice collection and holds more than 80 desklets and sensors/controls.

Please be aware that we offer here ALL desklets that we got and will be finding, even if they are very old and deprecated and will not be working with newer gDesklets versions. Furthermore please notice, that these desklets come with

All white-spaces in filenames have been deleted or replaced.

If you have more desklets, ideas, corrections, comments etc. please send an eMail to gdesklets AT public-files DOT de .

Last update: 12-Feb-2012. 197 Desklets (including "stand-alone" Sensors and Controls) in 376 files (4 translated).


[working] This icon indicates that the desklet has been proved to be working with the latest gDesklets version (0.35.4)!
This means that the desklet is at least starting without errors. Not every functionality has been tested though!
When put in parentheses ([working]) some minor errors occur and/or not all displays in the archive are working, but basically it is working.

[open solaris] This icon indicates that the desklet has been proved to be (more or less) working on OpenSolaris (gDesklets version 0.35.4)!

[non-working] This icon indicates that the desklet has been proved to be not working with the latest gDesklets version (0.35.4)!

[tgz] This icons indicates that the archive has been taken from the gdesklets-data_0.35.4.orig.tar.gz from Debian, FreeBSD Ports or linspire and re-packed. So there is a great chance that it differs in name and contents from the original archives!

[sensor-alert] This icon indicates that the archive contains at least one sensor. Sensors are deprecated since gDesklets 0.30 and will be no more supported with gDesklets 0.40. Furthermore the chances are very high that this desklet will not work with the latests gDesklets version!


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15 pieces puzzle

15 pieces (also known as 16 pieces) is a puzzle game where you have to arrange pieces in order from 1-15 counting from top left corner to bottom right corner or piece together some image.

ACPI Desklet

This is a small ACPI sensor along with an example display for gDesklets. You need the program 'acpi' and ACPI support in your kernel to use it.

ACPI Sensor


Transparent buttons to operate Rhythmbox by remote control.

AlfaOs Energy

A battery monitor with AlfaOs style.

AudioPlayer Control

Plays sounds and music through the Gstreamer multimedia system. Supports all the formats that Gstreamer supports, including ogg vorbis, mp3, wav, etc.


A search tool that does Beagle queries.

Battery desklet

Battery desklet for gDesklets.

Beagle Control

A control that enables doing Beagle queries and getting the results. In addition to gDesklets requires python bindings for Beagle and a running instance of Beagle.


BearCam Desklet.

Bible desklet

Bible verse of the day, in configurable versions.

Binary Clock

A clock, showing the time in binary.

BMPx desklet

Bottom Right corner BMPx controller. This display was originally developed by Stefano Mozzi, was maintained by Cslug (Italy), and was ported to BMPx by Milosz Derezynski.


An unix mailbox checker in SideCandy style.

Brian Jensen Control

This control is used for parsing signal strength and essid from iwconfig

BSRDG border

Displays a nice, very customizable border.

Bubble Fishy Mon

A load monitor desklet inspired by the BubbleFishyMon dockapp. The fish represent network traffic, the bubbles represent CPU usage, water level represents memory usage, and a duck representing a duck.



A navigable calendar showing the entire month.


An OSX-like Taskbar.

Circle Button bar


CircleMeter just creates an SVG canvas that then gets updated to show the current CPU consumption in a nice circular and highly configurable style. In the upcoming versions, this display should be able to display several different types of system information.


Display a quote in french

Clipboard Control

The Clipboard Control provides an easy way to use the (gtk) Clipboard from within Desklets.

Clock desklet

A scalable and configurable clock for your desktop.
Updated versions:
New Clock.

Clock2 desklet


A simple clock and timer gDesklet capable of displaying large watermark, clock and timer on the screen.

Clock with chime

Desktop clock with chime.

Corner XMMS

Bottom Right corner XMMS controller. This display was originally developed by Stefano Mozzi. Now it is maintained by Cslug (Italy).


Simple countdown timer.


Simple countdown timer.

Countdown2 Control

A simple countdown timer control.

CPU Temp

Adds I2C support to Psi's CPUTemp desklet.


A simple, clean and crisp digital time representation.


This desklet can fetch a cartoon off the internet and embed it in your desktop.

Desk Quote Sensor

This is DeskQuotes, a sensor to return random quotes from a file to a gdesklets display on your desktop. It will return quotes from any properly formatted file (similar to fortune files).

Desklet Control

The desklet control provides the next-gen desklet and control installation interface. Through this control desklets may act as frontends to the whole gDesklets system.
The control fetches a list of available desklets and controls through the HTTP-protocol and makes a list of local desklets. The lists are compared and upgradeable ones are marked. Fetching and installing desklets and controls is also supported, so basically the user needs no www-browser or other external applications to install desklets and controls.


Using the Radar control, this display presents a single widow which can display the local, regional or national radar. If you have imagemagick installed, clicking on the radar will bring up a full size animation of the radar.

Desklets Desklet

A desklet that a bit mimics the outlook of the Dashboard Widgets Widget. Uses the Desklet-control and provides all the features that the control currently provides.

Dino Cam

A stupid desklet showing the famous volcanologic DinoCam.


Themable disk io display (needs Theme and FontSelector sensors).

DiskIO Control

The DiskIO Control provides access to disc I/O activities and statistics.


A desklet for mounting disks.

Display Constraints Sensor

Small sensor to set a display to fixed bounds. Example .display is included.

Easy Note

Show note (notepaper) on desktop and let you write simple note.

Ebay desklet

Desklet to monitor a given ebay search.

eBayScraper Control

Extracts title, price and remaining time of an eBay auction, given item number.

Ebichu Clock

A simple clock with Ebichu in it.


Eject your CDs or DVDs.

Energy desklet

A simple battery monitor.


A simple calendar with i18n support. Because ICalendar worths it.

External Interval Sensor

This sensor is similar to the 'External' sensor but allows the user to choose the update frequency thanks to the configurator.

Extern IP

This is a seti_at_home Desklet. (Actually this is a Desklet which shows your external IP number.)

FileFilter Control

Extracts all files with specified suffix(ces) from a list of files/folders.

FileToList Control

Writes a list to a local file; reads a local file to a list, splitting at linebreaks. Written because of the lack of a list type in preference system.


Flickr Uploadr - Viewer.

Flip Clock

A simple flip clock in different sizes.


Desklet that displays random fortune, requires fortune package and Fortune Control. Based on Quote of The Day.

Fortune Control

It's an interface needed to access adages from fortune files.



A disk I/O monitor.

Gauges desklet


Gauge-DiskIO provides a display for gDesklets in Gauge style to display Disk I/O activity.


Gauge-IB-21E provides a display for gDesklets in Gauge style to display basic data retrieved from an IB-21E interface via the http status page like toner level, total page count and the printer LCD. It uses the GetHTML Control to retrieve the data.


The bar from which everything starts.

GetHTML Control

Fetches HTML-pages and constructs a DOM of sorts. Makes it easier to quickly build desklets that fetch data from the web even if there is no official(SOAP, XML-RPC) method of fetching data. For an example of a working desklet see the "UrbanExplainer" which takes it's information from the UrbanDictionary.
Of course the desklets are vulnerable to changing webpages because this also changes the DOM, but usually this is not a real threat on stable pages.


A simple desklet that displays an adage on your desktop. It requires fortune package.


A desklet to lookup words in the dict.leo.org online dictionary.


A Replacement for the Gnome Panels.

GoodTime Sensor


Themable weather condition and forecast display (needs FontSelector).

GoodWeather 08

Themeable weather and condition display by Konrad Rieck.
With changes to the sensors script in regards to make it work as of today (05/12/08) with weather.com


This is a hacked version of the GoodWeather gdesklet. This version pulls information from the Environment Canada servers (way more accurate than weather.com). It also includes detailed forecast info when you put the mouse over the forecast. See the README in the Displays directory for more info.


Search google.

GW Countdown

Countdown until Bush is out of office.



Displays an image of a hottie that changes every hour.


A fast and comprehensive log file tailer.

iCalendarEvent Control

Provides an interface for events stored in iCalendar (RFC 2445) files. Requires the 'icalendar' python package (http://codespeak.net/icalendar/) and operates best with the gamin python bindings.

IExec Control

Allows execution of external applications.


This is where you can store your girlfriends image.

ImageProperties Control

Gives x and y dimensions and format of an image.

ImageSlideShow Control

Provides functions to control an image slideshow and read select image meta-data.
* Requires that you have the Python Imaging Library for JPEG Comment extraction.



FLI4L-Imonc Desklets.



The Infocon desklet shows the latest infocon status picture by isc.sans.org.

Infodomestics Bar

The GNOME Tasklist and Pager in a Desklet.


An IRC display and sensor for gdesklets.


Juju Countdown

This desklet allows to countdown the remaining time until a configurable date. It then displays a victorious 'Hurrah!', or whatever you set.

Just an Icon

A simple desktop launcher.

LinuxTag desklet

These are the displays that were made for the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe.


A simple todo list.


Displays Lm_sensors information about temperatures, voltages and fan speeds.

LT Collection

[non-working] The LT desklets are known to be not working with newer gDesklets versions!

Mini Mail

A mini mailclient.

ML Donkey

Mldonkey info (needs the Mldonkey,FontSelector,Themes sensors).

ML Net

A mlnet display in SideCandy style. Based on the mldonkey desklet writted by stomby. Needs mlnet version 2.7.3 or greater.

Modified XMMS

Moon Clock

A desklet displaying the current state of the moon.

Mouse Control

Retrieves the position of the cursor within the desklet.

MultiMixer Sensor



Traffic Monitor using Yahoo Traffic.

Network Info

New Clock

New version of 'clock' by georw.
Older versions:
Clock desklet.


RSS reader originally created by Peter Quinn.

NewsGrab Control

Grab newsItem form RSS by Peter Quinn.


A news ticker similar to those on the TV news networks.

ntp Control

This control fetches the accurate time by contacting the Network Time Protocol server at redhat (0.fedora.pool.ntp.org).


A news ticker similar to those on the TV news networks.


Bottom Right corner XMMS controller. This display was originally developed by Stefano Mozzi. Now it is maintained by Cslug (Italy).

Other desklets

Your Personal Desktop Cow (only works on Debian).

Page Scraper

Searches a webpage for instances of a regular expression. Can display the expressions found (eg. screenshot shows headlines from guardian.co.uk) and/or 'found' and 'not found' images or messages.

Page Scraper Control

Extracts instances of a regular expression from a webpage.


A simple calander for your desktop.

Picture Frame

Desklet which extracts all images from a group of files dragged onto it, and cycles through them. Has options to open image and open folder, and a few frame styles.

Praytime desklet

Prayertime desklet for gdesklets. Praytime sensor and 2 displays are included - 1. the first is prayboard, which shows all the prayers 2. the second is praytime, which shows the next prayer info only

Population Clock

A world population clock.

PSI Collection

[non-working] The PSI desklets are known to be not working with newer gDesklets versions!

Quote of the Day

Simple desklet that displays quote for each day.

Radar Control

This control provides three different radar views(local, regional, and national). It captures still images and rotates them on the screen making an apparent radar. The storage directory, URLs and length of radar loop are all configurable. With imagemagick installed, it will also create a full size radar image when the deskletradar window is clicked.


A toolbar for the most recently used items from ~/.recently-used.

Redundant Clock

The redundant clock is redundant.

RegExp Control

Regular expression control.


A clock desklet based on the MacSlow's cairo-clock appearance.


A Rhythmbox controller with cover art, based on the SideCandy Rhythmbox controller.


Rhythmbox desklet with cover art and playback controls.


RSS Control

Provides properties to read RSS-feeds.

RSS Grab

Rss aggregators for gdesklets.

RSS SlideShow

Give this program a RSS feed of images, and it will rotate through the images.

RSS Ticker

A news ticker similar to those on the TV news networks.


A simple RSS-reader originally inspired by the game "Paperboy". Features a simple preview that is triggered when the mouse cursor is moved over a topic.




This desklet displays a custom scrollable collection of images (with drop shadow) anywhere on the desktop. Drop an image onto the desklet to add an image to the queue. Right clicking on the desklet presents you with three additional options. Remove image (from the queue), Next image & Previous image. A mouse scroll wheel can be used to cycle through the images in the queue.


This is not only a collection of several desklets for your desktop; SideCandy also is a TEMPLATE for creating new desklets in that cute SideCandy style.

SideCandy Battery

Side Candy Battery Display.

SideCandy DiskInfo

A SideCandy-style disk info monitor.

SideCandy DiskIO

SideCandy-DiskIO provides a display for gDesklets in SideCandy style to display Disk I/O activity.

SideCandy Gmail

Gdesklets display and control to check your gmail account in the SideCandy style

SideCandy HDD

SideCandy HardDisk Space Monitor.

SideCandy HDD-Temp

SideCandy-HDDTemp provides displays in SideCandy style to retrieve and display data from a hddtemp daemon.

SideCandy Imonc

An FLI4L-Imonc Desklet in SideCandy Style.

SideCandy Mount

Side Candy Mount Display.

SideCandy MPC

SideCandy MPD client.

SideCandy POPMail

Gdesklets display and control to check your pop3 account in the SideCandy style.

SideCandy PrintQueue

Side Candy Print Queue Display.

SideCandy RAM

A RAM/SWAP monitor in SideCandy style.

SideCandy RhythmBox

A Rhythmbox controller in SideCandy style.

SideCandy RSS

Checks an RSS feed - SideCandy style.

SideCandy SpeedportW501V

SideCandy-SpeedportW501V provides a display in SideCandy style to retrieve and display data from a Speedport W501V router.

SideCandy Sunbird

Side Candy Sunbird Events Display.

SideCandy Sytadin

Paris/Ile de France traffic information in SideCandy style.

SideCandy Title

SideCandy-Title provides a display for gDesklets in SideCandy style to display a simple title.

SideCandy Uptime

SideCandy-Uptime provides a display for gDesklets in SideCandy style to display uptime and/or uprecords (since v0.2) data.

SideCandy Users

Side Candy Users Display.

SideCandy Weather

Desklet displaying the current weather conditions in SidyCandy style.

SideCandy Wireless

A wireless network monitor in SideCandy style.


Simple RSS

Based on the scripts from the desklet "RSSBoy", but very simplifed. There is one message displayed and a ticker (in seconds) switches to the next message.


Cycle through a collection of pictures. Will display image captions (IPTC,Jpeg Comment, EXIF) if available

SOAP Control

The SOAP control provides support for SOAP based queries.
It uses the SOAPpy (which is these days already deprecated, but works).
You can install SOAPpy through your package management system (on ubuntu the package is called python-soappy) or look for it from http://pywebsvcs.sourceforge.net/


The 'StarterBar' is a panel for GNOME where you can put starters into. Your GNOME menu contains lots of starters.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes on your desktop.




A sudoku desklet.

Sys Info

A system information desklets which shows various interesting data.


Tasklist desklet

This is a simple display that embeds the GNOME tasklist via Bonobo. It floats on top of the other windows.

Temperature desklet

Grabs and displays the temperature evolution for the past 24h.

The Simpsons Quote

A silly Quote retriever from thesimpsonsquote.com enjoy!.


TheHillCam shows the latest Hill Cam picture of Ottawa's Parliament Hill.

Thumbnail Generator

Extracts all images from a group of files dropped on the desklet, and generates thumbnails. Specify either an absolute path or a path relative to the original image(s) to the thumbnail folder(s). Options for filename prefix, dimensions and format.

Thumbnail Generator Control

Generates and saves thumbnail of an image.

Tux Clocks


Uses fping to check if predefined hosts are responding.


Fetches explanations to words from UrbanDictionary.com and displays them.


An template insipred by the wonderful SideCandy template, but moving up and down instead of left and right. It works very similar to the SideCandy template, but look at the samples.

Voo2do Control

Interfaces with the voo2do web-based task list.

Weather desklet

Weather desklet for gDesklets.

Weekly Calendar

A calendar capable of displaying your tasks for the week. Optional support for voo2do.

Wireless desklet Sensor

Wireless display

Wireless Monitor

Monitor Wireless Network Strength.

WorldClock / WorldTime

A simple worldtime banner for your desktop with up to 6 locations!.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is the most comprehensive Wi-Fi gadget available. Use it to search for Wi-Fi networks, verify Wi-Fi coverage, educate yourself about Wi-Fi, and more!
The gadget uses a radar-like display to show available Wi-Fi networks and their range. The main gadget face provides details on your connection and adapter, including SSID, channel, signal strength, and IP/MAC addresses. A fly out window provides details on Wi-Fi networks, including security settings, signal strength, channels, and network types. Statistical counters are also provided. Supports multiple Wi-Fi adapters.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Controller

This controller provides all the necesary information for the Xirrus desklet display to use.
The controller performs threaded wi-fi scanning and can rum applications in super-user mode.

XML Quotes


Displays the tv-program read from a xmltv database.

XMMS desklet

XMMS2 Control

This control provides communication with a running xmms2 daemon.

XMMS2 example desklet

This is just a veeeeery simple but nice example display for the XMMS2 gDesklets-Control. You can use it as a beginning to write your own xmms2 daemon controlling desklet

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